One-Sided Bipolar by Jamie Phipps

02 Dec

Split. Two.

Personality skits.

All rules (meant to

be) broken,

Conformity overrated.

No consistency but

sporadic collisions

between insanity

and reality.

No structure,

no hold.


How could you! You

jerk! You despicable

waste of space! You

tore me—chucked me!

Like some piece of—

Why? I don’t

understand what

went wrong? Was it me?

Oh please, tell me! Why

do you make my eyes

shed lakes that never—


I’m glad you’re gone,

you asshole! It wasn’t

me, it was you! Always

ruining everything!

I hope you d—


I’m so sorry! Come

back to me. I can’t

function without you,

with scars across my

arteries that remind

me of—


You better not come back,

or I will kill you!

Sleezing and cheating,

you don’t deserve better

because I was the

best thing you’ll ever—


I can’t breathe.

I can’t eat, sleep,

think. I can’t function

Without you by

my side.

I miss—


You whore! You





You amazing person,

my soul mate, my one

true love, dream

come true—you—



You better not come

crawling back to me!


Don’t leave, come

back home to me!


I love you.


I hate you!


Please, help me.


Fuck. You.

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